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What Is Dermaplaning, And Why Is It All The Rage?
May 27, 2020 at 6:30 PM
by Jessica Kelley

We cannot get enough about hearing how soft and smooth client's skin feels after receiving a dermaplane facial. This extremely popular form of manual exfoliation is performed to exfoliate, smooth, and revitalize the skin. Using a surgical blade, our certified estheticians will remove the dull, damaged, and dead cells that make up the top layer of your skin.

Along with exfoliating, one of the most popular side effects of dermaplaning is its removal of “vellus” hairs, also known as the soft peach fuzz that you may find on your upper lip, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Exfoliating the top layer of skin cells triggers the natural regeneration of new skin cells, and is called cell turnover.

The process of dermaplaning is completely painless, effective, and relatively fast. Oftentimes we find that the short, rhythmic motions put the client in such a deep state of relaxation that most end up falling asleep! Dermaplaning both looks and feels like someone is shaving your skin, however the stainless steel surgical blade used by our estheticians is sharper than any home razor you'll ever use.

In addition to generally improving the overall radiance of your skin, dermaplaning produces a smooth, silky feel, and can address specific skin conditions such as:

  • Acne scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Roughness
  • Dryness

Unfortunately the internet is filled with examples of DIY at-home dermaplaning. However, please note that this is never a good idea! Not only are home razors dull and prone to cutting the skin, but there is a specific technique in which your service provider is trained and experienced. This is a medical-grade treatment, after all. Your esthetician will hold your skin taut while gently and precisely removing the outer layer of skin cells. A specific pattern is used across the entire face, and the blade must be held at the right angle to cleanly remove the cells.

The newly exfoliated skin will be very absorbent, and is a perfect time to apply serums, creams and other active-filled products. This is another important reason it is so important to discuss product recommendations with your esthetician. And don't (ever!!) forget your SPF, as removing the vellous hairs also removes their filtering qualities, which will intensify the UV rays that directly hit your skin.

One common question we get is "does the hair grow back thicker or darker?" The answer: not at all! This common misconception about dermaplaning is a persistent one. However, shaving, waxing, dermaplaning, threading - your hair will not grow back thicker or darker, but will instead be the same color and thickness as if you had not performed the hair reduction in the first place. The reason one may think it's growing back thicker is because hair naturally has a soft, tapered end. When you have a dermaplane facial, you essentially cut the hair at a blunt end. So as it grows, you feel a coarse, bristly feeling until it grows long enough to lay down flat against your skin. A great example would be when you first shave your legs: as the hair grows back, the hairs feel coarse and bristly. But once it grows long enough, the hairs actually feel soft and lay down.

Another question is "can I get a dermaplaning facial while pregnant?" The answer is an emphatic YES! Dermaplaning is completely safe during pregnancy and is the perfect treatment for those expectant mothers who just aren’t seeing that “pregnancy glow” that some people seem to rave about.

Lastly, dermaplaning is recommended every 4-6 weeks, and will work with your hair's natural growth cycle. So how's that for a comprehensive and in-depth explanation of dermaplaning? Have more questions? I'd love to hear them. Please send us an email with your questions and we'll be happy to answer them!

Stay healthy, stay well, and have a beautiful day!

xo - Jessie

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