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Best Sellers...For A Reason!
July 3, 2020 at 9:00 AM
by Jessica Kelley
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If we had to recommend a product for all-skin-types on the cuff, chances are it would be something from our Ocean Infusion line of products. These best-sellers consist of our Ocean Infusion Wash, Ocean Infusion Tonic, and Ocean Infusion Moisturizer, and they are de-vine!

Our Ocean Infusion Complex is a consciously harvested, highly effective liquid complex that epitomizes the wonder of innovative natural science. This truly unique, proprietary concentrate of over 92 minerals found in our oceans is delivered in a highly stable, bio-available compound base of all natural materials. Ocean Infusion Complex is the answer to tired and compromised skin structure and integrity, and will breathe new life into your same old skin care regimen.

Ocean minerals as well as trace elements are called cofactors, meaning they activate the enzymes necessary for proper cellular function. This is the equivalent of placing a key into the ignition of the car. Thalassotherapy is a very old regimen which incorporates a variety of treatments where one is bathed, showered, wrapped, rubbed, or scrubbed with seawater or seaweed to prevent or cure various conditions and to provide vitality and replenishment for the skin and body. Apple Organics has taken this age old wisdom and refined it into a modern, cutting-edge youthening and replenishing bioactive concentrate and lovingly created our popular line of products such as our Ocean Infusion Wash, Ocean Infusion Tonic, and our ever-popular Ocean Infusion Moisturizer.

Seawater is very similar in composition to human plasma and is readily accepted into the human body. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, phosphorus, copper, infinite ions as well as trace minerals are some of the essential nutrients found in our Ocean Infusion Complex. The remineralizing and restorative properties of the sea are captured here in a potent concentrate which can be worked into our line of this proprietary formulation. As our soil and its bounty continue to be demineralized and depleted of essential nutrients and trace elements, our Ocean Infusion Complex will provide a substantial boost not only to the antiaging regimen of its devotees, but also a boost to their health. This is something that we can all feel good about!

Ready to try these amazing products for yourself? Shop online and snag one for yourself!

Stay healthy, stay well, and have a beautiful day!

xo - Jessie

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